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Brandon Michael Butler
Under 1 year of age: All pictures are from birth to 1 year of age.
1 year of age: All pictures are since my first birthday.

  Hello. Welcome to my webpage. To tell you a little about myself, I was born May 23, 2008 in Shawnee, OK, and I have one older sister, Riley. Mommy and daddy chose my name because they both liked the name Brandon, which means "sword" or "hill of fire". Michael comes from my grandpa, Michael Elmore, and means "who is like God".

  My mommy and daddy both love animals, so my sister and I have many pets. I go to church in Shawnee at Faith Christian Outreach, where I have a very large extended family that loves me very much. I am a messy eater and I sleep a LOT!! That's about all for right now, after all I am only a baby.

  Feel free to browse my webpage and look at my pictures. Daddy will put more up very soon.

Updated June 30, 2009